• The Lighthouse

    The Web Newsletter of the Mississauga South Historical Society

  • Our Mission

    To promote and preserve local history, and to be a resource to the community for local history in Mississauga.



  • Our 2020 Meeting Dates

    Currently, our meetings are postponed until further notice.


    Our meetings open to the public, in January, March, May, July, September and November.

    Annual membership is $20 per person, or $30 per family.

    We suggest a donation at each meeting to help provide an honorarium for our speaker.

    The following events have been cancelled. We hope to have these speakers and others back in 2021.


    Tuesday, September 15, 2020

    - Verna McLean, “Clara Harris, 20th century Canadian Artist”


    Tuesday, November 17, 2020

    - John Dunlop, Archaeologist and City of Mississauga’s Supervisor of Heritage Planning


    Meetings begin a 7 p.m. at Lorne Park Library, 1474 Truscott Drive, Mississauga, unless noted above.

  • Our Invitation to You

    Please feel free to contact us if you are . . .

    - Thinking about joining MSHS

    - Looking to volunteer at the many heritage events in and around Mississauga that we contribute to

    - Interested in coming to our next public meeting

    - Looking for historical information

    - Searching your family's genealogy

    - or if you're just interested in finding more about who we are and what we do for heritage in Mississauga

  • Our Newsletter

    August 2020 Newsletter

  • Our Address

    If you'd like more information, or have a question, e-mail us here

  • Our Constitution

    Ratified by the membership on March 16, 2010.


    The name of the society shall be Mississauga South Historical Society (MSHS).



    To promote and foster an interest in history and in particular, local history.

    To promote and preserve diverse aspects of local history.

    To be a resource to the community for local history.

    To publish local historical information.


    The society shall be carried on without purpose of gain for its members, and any profits or gains to the society shall be used in promoting the society's objectives.



    Membership in the MSHS shall be open to any person interested in the purposes of the society. Said members agree to be governed by the by-laws of the society. The annual fee for membership shall be established by the Board of Directors and shall be due and payable on or before April 1, each year.



    The society shall hold a minimum of four general meetings in each calendar year. One of these meetings is to be the annual general meeting (AGM). General meetings shall normally be held on the third Tuesday of January, March, September and November. Alternate meeting dates may be arranged at the discretion of the Board of Directors on condition that the membership be given at least two months notice regarding the date and location of upcoming meetings. At the discretion of the Board of Directors, an annual bus trip may be arranged to take place in April, May or June. The AGM shall be held in November of each year, or at such time as may be deemed advisable by the Board of Directors. A quorum at general meetings of the society shall be ten members in good standing.



    The Executive Committee of the society's Board of Directors shall be comprised of the officers: President, Vice President, Secretary, Treasurer.

    In addition, the board of directors can include: Collections Coordinator. Historian,Immediate Past President (if available), Membership Director, Mississauga Heritage Advisory Committee Representative, Newsletter Editor,

    Program Director, Projects and Volunteer Coordinator, Social Convenor, Website Developer. Where necessary, two of these positions may be combined. The president, vice president and treasurer shall be the signing officers for the society. Two signing officers shall sign all cheques issued by the society.



    The Executive Committee shall appoint chairpersons of standing committees. The chairperson shall be responsible to add two members to serve on his/her committee.



    The vice president and other members of the Board of Directors selected by the Board of Directors shall form the nominating committee and shall add two members to serve on that committee, where possible. Elections if necessary for any office, shall be by written ballot or as directed by the Board of Directors and approved by the membership prior to to election. The term of office shall be for two years. Retiring officers shall be eligible for reelection. The membership shall vote on the election of the Board of Directors at the Annual General Meeting. The Executive Committee shall be voted upon by the membership and determined at the Annual General Meeting. The duties and responsibilities of the other members elected to the Board of Directors shall be decided at a meeting of the Board of Directors to be convened within two weeks of the Annual General Meeting. New members of the Board of Directors may be added to the Board by the Executive Committee. Those new members of the Board shall be voted upon by the membership at the next Annual General Meeting and will begin their their two-year term at the time of the election.

    Members of the Board of Directors may be removed from office by a majority vote of the Executive Committee. The president may be relieved of his/her duties by a majority of the Board of Directors and approval of the membership in a vote held at the next general meeting.



    The by-laws of the society shall be reviewed and, when necessary, updated by the Board of Directors at least every three years.



    The by-laws of the society may be amended at any meeting, by a majority vote of the members in good standing present. Written notice of amendments shall be signed by two members in good standing with notice given to the secretary six weeks in advance of the general meeting at which the amendments will be proposed. The amended constitution, as ratified by the membership, shall be forwarded to the Ontario Historical Society.



    The society may be dissolved by a motion proposed and seconded, to rescind the constitution, tabled at a special membership meeting, and accompanied by an explanation for the need to dissolve, and provisions for the disposal of the assets, and voted on by a show of hands in the manner as stated in Article IX.




    The President shall chair the general business of the society, shall preside at all general and Board of Directors meetings and shall serve ex-officio as a member of each standing committee, except the nominating committee.

    The president shall service as liaison between the society and the Ontario Historical Society and ensure that the society maintains status as a member in good standing with the OHS. The president shall serve as liaison between the society and any legal professional providing advice as directed by the Board of Directors.



    The vice president shall assist the president and in the absence of the president shall discharge his/her duties.

    The vice president shall offer recommendations for new avenues of membership development, and make annual recommendations to the Board of Directors regarding even participation and award nominations. The vice president shall oversee the nomination selection of new members to the Board of Directors, and shall chair the elections process at the Annual General Meeting.



    The secretary shall record and preserve the minutes of all meetings of the general membership and of the Board of Directors, and shall annually file a record of membership and a financial report. The secretary shall maintain a record of all official correspondences of the society.



    The treasurer shall be responsible for all funds and chartered banking of the society. A petty cash fund of up to $50 may be kept by the treasurer. The treasurer shall make expenditure of the society?s funds as requested at the meetings of the Board of Directors, or at general meetings. Cheques of the society are to be signed by the treasurer and one other signing officer. The treasurer shall keep vouchers for any and all expenditures and render account of same at general meetings. The treasurer shall present an audited financial report for the year at the Annual General Meeting



    The Collections Coordinator shall oversee the society's collections policies, storage and organization. The Collections Coordinator shall act as a liaison between other artifact repositories in Mississauga.



    The historian of the society shall prepare research papers on topics of local and other history for presentation to the society. The historian shall assist in answering questions about local history as requested by members or by the community at large. The historian shall coordinate outreach programs and shall assist the Program Director as requested.



    The immediate past president shall assist on special projects or events as required. The past president shall chair general meetings or meetings of the Board of Directors when the president and vice president are not present.



    The Membership Director shall be responsible for organizing the society's membership lists, maintaining current contact information for members (mailing addresses, phone numbers, email addresses, etc.), and collecting annual membership dues. The Membership Director shall attend regularly scheduled Board of Directors' meetings, prepare membership reports for general meetings and the Annual General Meeting, and submit newsletter articles to the Newsletter Editor. The Membership Director shill assist the Newsletter Editor with the mailing of the society newsletter and ensure that complete membership mailing lists are accurate. The Membership Director shall sit at the registration table at each general meeting to welcome current members, new members and guests, to provide name tags for members, and to record the number of attendees at each meeting. The Membership Director shall bring any educational and information brochures and newsletters and membership applications for display at the registration table.



    The Heritage Advisory Committee (HAC) representative shall serve as liaison between MSHS and HAC. The HAC representative shall present written reports of HAC activities in an article in the MSHS Newsletter. The HAC representative must be a current member of the Mississauga Heritage Advisory Committee or one of its recognized subcommittees.



    The newsletter editor shall be responsible for collecting and/or writing articles, editing and assembling copy, printing and mailing of each of the society's newsletters. This must be done in ample time to give members adequate information about historical events and activities in the community, as well as giving notice of any upcoming meetings of the society. The editor shall keep a copy of the newsletter for the society's records and archives, which from time to time shall be deposited with the MSHS collection at the Canadiana Room of Mississauga Central Library.



    The program director shall prepare and organize the society's guest speakers and shall be guided by suggestions made by members. The program director shall ensure that meeting space is available for all meetings of the society. The program director shall arrange for individuals to introduce and thank each guest speaker. The program director shall ensure that any gifts or honoraria be given to the individual thanking the guest speaker. The program director shall make available any audio/visual equipment needed for use by the guest speaker, and ensure return of equipment.



    The Projects and Volunteer Director shall chair ad hoc committees to design and complete special projects for the society at the direction of the Board of Directors. The Special Projects Director shall organize displays, events logistics and volunteer staffing for events in which the society takes part.



    The social convenor shall provide refreshments for meetings.



    The web developer is responsible for maintaining and updating the society's website at the direction of the Board of Directors.